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For over 15 years ProTec has completed thousands of projects for the US Federal government nationally and around the world. We provide innovative and cost effective solutions to help US agencies achieve mission success. We deliver our services across the entire life cycle of projects from design, to installation, to post system support and maintenance. Our excellent past performance ratings can be verified through our CPAR ratings completed by US government contract officers. ProTec’s wide ranging customer past performance includes all Department of Defense agencies, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Commerce, Department of Interior, and Department of Transportation. ProTec has several pre-competed existing contract vehicles available for use by US federal agencies use with no competition needed.


ProTec has over 30 years completing all types of commercial technology and security projects throughout North America. We have worked in every building and campus environment. Our goal is to provide service to commercial customers who have multiple locations across a diverse geography in need of pre-engineering design services, project installation services and post installation support. We truly understand how to service our commercial customers, therefore no project is too small for our commercial team. We fully understand our commercial customers need a “Go To” team of designers and installers that can rapidly service multiple site locations across a diverse geography.

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State & Local

ProTec is highly experienced with delivering our solutions to local governments and school systems. ProTec understands the unique budget challenges faced by local governments and schools and we design systems accordingly.  We provide unique design and installation technology solutions to meet the needs of local governments and schools yet stay within lower overall budgets. We work hand in hand with our customers to provide options that help local governments and educators select the best solution–within budget. ProTec understands that local governments and schools many times lack the technical resources to design and manage large-scale technology and electronic security system projects. Our mission is to alleviate this concern by holding our customers hand throughout the process, from design to installation to post system support.


ProTec has years of experience designing and installing technology systems across the globe. We are highly skilled in the safety, logistics and installation requirements of mission critical technology and security projects in austere environments in remote global locations. We handle all international shipments, customs, mobilization and installation efforts related to these projects. We understand international projects have more risk and require an expert technical team to support the mission. Our expertise includes large-scale successfully completed projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and North America. We understand that most international projects operate in sensitive environments requiring specialized personnel to complete the mission. No project is too small for our dedicated international deployment teams.

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